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  • Dohm-NSF
  • The Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. This is what serious sleep is all about.


    • Two speeds of the Dohm-DS (formerly SleepMate/Sound Screen 980A)
    • Integrated vibration-dampening rubber feet for improved sound quality
    • Aesthetic upgrades: features an attractive bright white finish, raised silver medallion, and complementary gray on/off switch
    Developed almost 50 years ago, this is the Original Sound Conditioner you've probably heard about. Its dome shape is easy to recognize. Turn it on, and tune out the rest of the world.

    It creates the soothing sound of rushing air, also known as "white noise," which has been proven to effectively block noises at a broad range of frequencies. A uniform blanket of smooth sound masks disruptive noises. Get Dohm, and get some Serious Sleep.

    Dohm creates a personal sound environment that you control. The tone and volume alterations are just a twist away. (See the "What are Sound Conditioners" video below for details!)

    Why does this say "formerly" SleepMate and Sound Screen? What happened? I loved my SleepMate!
    Don't worry. We didn't change the product. We know people are attached to our Original Sound Conditioner. But from all of the questions we've received over the last 50 years, having two names for the same product - one for bedrooms, one for use elsewhere - was pretty confusing, so we gave it one name: Dohm. Like "ohmmm." Simplifies things, but with the same awesome zzzz's.

    Don't forget to dress up your Dohm with a custom skin!

    Download the full instructions for enjoying your Dohm here.

    Price: $49.99

    • WEIGHT: 1.5 pounds
    • MATERIAL: ABS Plastic
    • COLOR: Bright White
    • ELECTRICAL: Normal Household Current
    • POWER CORD: 8 feet long
    • STANDARDS: UL Listed-U.S. & Canada
    • SIZE: 5 3/4" base diameter: 3 1/4" high
    • SKU: 3600100
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